Water Saving Tips

Auckland’s water reservoirs dropped to levels not seen for a generation. We want to provide information and tips to help you save water.

Did you know a leaky tap can waste 2,000 litres a month, and shorter showers save thousands of litres of water (every minute less saves about 2,500 litres a year!). There is a myriad of easy ways to save our most precious resource for future use - if you have a teenager in the house, water saving devices are a must... Read more.

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Toilet Tax - How to flush less money down your toilet

There's only two things in life you cannot escape: death and taxes... and this may include a tax for using your toilet! The Government and Auckland Council are considering a controversial "toilet tax" to pay for a $1 billion sewer tunnel.

So here at Plumbing World we thought we would educate and prepare you on how to flush less money down your toilet at home..

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