Frequently Asked Questions

WELS stands for Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme. When building or renovating it is very important to know what sort of water pressure system you have and how water efficient your bathroomware will be.

In general New Zealand homes are low/unequal pressure. Newer homes are mains pressure which means you can use multiple water outlets at the same time with no reduction in water pressure. To help conserve water bathroom products are given a WELS water efficiency rating which enables you to choose which level of performance best suits your home. The more stars a product has means that it uses less water in its day-to-day functionality. To find out more from the Ministry of Environment NZ, click here.

S-Trap system is best installed in new homes with the waste outlet going through the floor. The distance between the middle of the waste outlet and the wall is called the set-out measurement. To view S-Trap toilet systems, click here.

P-Trap system feature a waste outlet that goes through the wall. Common in bathroom renovations they feature a standard 185mm set out. To view P-Trap toilet systems, click here.

Many New Zealand homes have a low or unequal water pressure system. If your cold water flow is greater than the hot - then generally you have a low/unequal pressure system. Your hot water cylinder may be marked 3.7m (12ft) or 7.6 (24ft) HEAD. More common in older homes your tapware will need to equalise the higher flow of cold vs. hot water before it delivers it through your tapware. A header tank in the roof space or a pressure reducing valve usually supplies low water pressure to your hot water cylinder.
An equal mains pressure system is now common in many New Zealand homes.

Mains Pressure (High) is when both hot and cold are supplied at high pressure. Cold water is town supply. Hot water is from a high/mains pressure cylinder or gas infinity.

Cold supply comes directly from town or tank pump (approximately 500kPa).
Hot supply from low pressure hot water cylinder (exhaust vent pipe through roof).
'All Pressure' Tapware is a suitable choice for Unequal Pressure.

Both hot and cold are from the same water source at low pressure (eg: header tank/gravity feed).
'All Pressure' Tapware is a suitable choice for Unequal Pressure.
NOTE: If you have a hot water cylinder with a metal pipe protruding out the roof, then you have low pressure hot water.
The Easy Test: Turn on the hot to full, turn on the cold to full. Was the cold a lot more than the hot or even?

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