Specification Support

Our specification team is here to help the architectural and specifier industry select and specify bathroom, kitchen, and laundry products, saving you time and money. We can supply a fit for purpose specification that meets any level of brief. Read More...

We work with you to provide a detailed specification for each project, large or small, indicative pricing, full technical support and after sales service. We aim to make the specification process easy for our customers.

We are available by email, phone, in person or online meetings. We look forward to helping you with your next project.

Grieg McGrannachan - Auckland

National Specification Manager grieg@metrix.co.nz Phone: 027 202 8111

Kelvin Nottle – Central North Island

kelvin@metrix.co.nz Phone: 027 326 0165

Paul Mackay – Wellington and Lower North Island

paul.mackay@metrix.co.nz Phone: 027 226 5821

Sonia Kennedy - South Island

sonia.kennedy@metrix.co.nz Phone: 027 245 9891