Trade Up Tour

At least another 2000 plumbers needed nationwide to meet the current demand.

The #TradeUpTour is all about getting young people excited about a career in plumbing, with all the earning potential and opportunities that come with it. 
Backed by Plumbing World’s Young Plumbers Club and Masterlink, it’s our way of helping get more young people into #WatertightCareers and contributing to our industry.

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Toilet Tax - How to flush less money down your toilet

There's only two things in life you cannot escape: death and taxes... and this may include a tax for using your toilet! The Government and Auckland Council are considering a controversial "toilet tax" to pay for a $1 billion sewer tunnel.

So here at Plumbing World we thought we would educate and prepare you on how to flush less money down your toilet at home..

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