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LEVLEE40WHWH LeVivi Leeds 400x220mm W/Hung Ensuite Polymarble Top White 1TH 1Dr Late July
LEVSUR900WHWH LeVivi Surrey Slim 900 Wall Hung 2 Drawer VC Top Vanity August
LEVANYA600WH LeVivi Anya 600 Mirror Cabinet White Late July  
LEVDE75VWH LeVivi Devon 750 Vanity Solid Doors China Top Plinth or Legs Late July
LEVMARBTW LeVivi Marbella BTW Suite 4.5/3L Pan Connector S/Close Seat Late August
LEVMARBTWR LeVivi Marbella BTW Rimless Suite 4.5/3L Pan Connector S/Close Seat Late July
TOT-ALILW952'WH Toto Alicante Rectangular Counter Top Basin 0TH White 570x355mm Late July
TOT-ALILW954'WH Toto Alicante W/Hung Basin Top RH Shelf White Late July
TOT-VALLINKS'WH Toto Valdes 4.5L Shrouded S Pan Link T/Suite White Late July
TOT-SIN500'WH1 Toto Sintra 500mm Wall Basin 1TH C/C Fixings Late July
TOT-SINLW246'WH Toto Sintra II Ensuite Basin 1TH White 450x305mm Late July
TOT-SANENBL Toto Santo Ensuite Basin LH TH 510x260mm White Late July
TOT-SANRECT'WH Toto Santo Rectangle Vanity 0TH 584x384mm LW643JW/F Late July
TOTTUS12CGNW Toto Tuscany 1200 Collato Gold 2Drw Cabinet with N-White Solid Surface Top W/Hung Vanity September
TX703ARS Toto Rei Square Toilet Paper Holder Late July
TOT-DISSET'WH Toto Valdes 4.5L Disabled S Trap BE T/Suite White Late July
UW114HJ Toto Valdes Back Inlet Urinal c/w THX921 THX916NZ ZH36 Late July
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11389-NAK Bar Keepers Friend Granite & Stone Cleanser & Polish 750ml Unknown ETA
11810 Bar Keepers Friend Coffee Maker Descaler 355ml Unknown ETA