Updated 25/03/21 11:59pm

Online Ordering

Due to COVID, we are experiencing disruption to our freight network. Delays are to be expected. Please order in advance before your project starts.


  • Can I order online at Red or Orange? We are operating at Red and Orange.
  • When will I receive my order? Orders can take up to approx. 3 days - 3 weeks before you see your order as most suppliers are experiencing disruption to their business. Up to 3 weeks lead time for large item deliveries.
  • Click and Collect: All Click and Collect orders are processed at our Auckland Distribution Centre. Delays are to be expected.
  • Can I cancel my order? Yes, we are more than happy to cancel your order. Please reply to your order confirmation email, or use our contact us form. For orders with a Card Validated, Confirmed or Cancelled status, we have not taken payment so if the pending payment has not already dropped off it will once we cancel your order. Pending status can take up to 4-11 working days to drop off.
  • Should I go into a Plumbing World Branch to check in about my order? Because your order was placed online, please reply to your order confirmation email or use our contact us form. Please quote your order no#.

Traffic Light Setting: Red and Orange

Showroom and Trade are Open

We're Open! Important: Showroom Consultations will need to be booked in advance. 
Please note: Some branches are limited in staff numbers as COVID continues to run rampant.

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Face Mask

Please ensure you are wearing a suitable face mask before you enter the branch and keep it on until you are back in your vehicle.

1m Social Distancing

Maintain 1 metre physical distance within the branch at all times. This may mean we have to restrict the numbers of people within the branch at peak times.

Share Facilities: Closed

Shared facilities, such as lunchrooms, remain off-limits at both Red and Orange Traffic Lights.

Traffic light settings for your area

Search for your local traffic light setting. Select Red or Orange, you will be redirected to the COVID-19 website.